Remembrance Day 2020 

Remembrance Day this year will be a COVID Friendly Ceremony. We ask everyone to please stay home and livestream the ceremony.

Urban Casual Cochrane has generously taken on the task of doing the live-stream broadcast of our Remembrance Day Ceremony.  We appreciate their hard work and specifically Samantha Nickerson, founder of the Urban Casual Cochrane Website.

The easiest way to watch the live-stream of the Remembrance Day Ceremony is on You Tube. If you click on the link, it will take you to the broadcast, where it has been scheduled. You are able to click a ‘Set Reminder’ button, so that you will get a reminder that the live broadcast is about to begin. 



Poppy Contest 2020 

The Cochrane Legion is pleased to announce that the Poster and Literary Contest is now open.

For more information about the contest and to download the Youth Education Brochure and contest application form, please refer to link:

Helpful hints for students and teachers:

Thank you, Bonnie Bagnall