• Legion membership is open to any Canadian citizen or Commonwealth subjects from an Allied nation who is 18 years of age or older.
  • By joining the Legion, you show your commitment to the men and women who served their country in wars and conflict zones around the world.
  • Your support helps to keep their memory alive through observance of Remembrance Day, community fundraising and youth events.
  • More than that, you are helping today‚Äôs Veterans face up to challenges caused by their service. As a Member, you will take an oath to uphold the values of the Legion and to volunteer at Remembrance time.

Member Privileges

By being a member of the Cochrane Legion you can enjoy discount prices on special events and functions. You can also get special pricing on Hall Rentals.

Member Sports

The Legion has sporting events such as darts and cribbage with competitions ranging from local, regional, provincial to national levels.

Member Benefits Package

The Legion has developed a relationship with a number of corporate partners to provide products and services to its members. Some of the partners include a home and auto insurance company, health care services, a credit card company, and an auto club to name a few. Only Legion members are entitled to the benefits offered.

Community Service

You can serve your community by assisting with the many Legion programs in support of youth, seniors, the disabled and others. The Legion also provides bursaries and scholarships to students from Secondary School to the University level and is the largest single supporter of Scouts and Guides in Canada. It is also a major supporter of sea, army and air cadets.

Legion Membership Form

Download the following PDF. Complete and drop it off at the Cochrane Legion. The cost of membership is $65 and $55 for persons 65 or older.